Monday, March 28, 2011

Pet Week! A Little Give Away

I want to see what you've created! 
If you have a scrapbook page devoted to your pet please share it. 
A Little Give Away...Share a story about your pet in the comments before Sunday evening and I will randomly select one of them to win a 7 Gypsies Tied Book Kit --perfect as a pet brag book--and a Puppy Love pendant-created by me.


marda said...

My male dog has been wearing a harness and leash that belonged to a dog that was my soul mate.

Today I decided he needed his own harness and leash especially since my little girl has her own harness and leash and never used a hand me down harness and leash.

Coming home with my dog in the car also, I was crying because I now had to let go of my beloved Scruffy. So I put the harness and leash with his urn and the tears just poured out.

But now Merlin has a long awaited harness and leash of his own.

Robyn said...

We have 13 fur babies.Two of them great big St. Bernard Clowns. I have tons of LO's of the gals. Without our fur babies our lives wouldn't be complete..


Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the Cutting category today [29 Mar 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

scrapy1 said...

I posted this in the wrong section...
After we lost our last dog (my daughter's first dog), she was totally heartbroken for a long time & had just started to want another dog after over 3 years. This was last year. She specifically wanted a Beagle. We couldn't afford a purebread & I told her I would see what I could do.
On the way home from work on a horrible rainy day, I stopped to get gas for my van. When I pulled out there was a sign with pictures of Beagles on the telephone pole "Free Beagle Puppies". I wrote the phone number before the light changed & dialed it on the way home, only to have the wrong #.
So, I went back to the gas station, had to get out of my car in the driving rain to see the correct #; called the lady. We went to see our pooch that night & I picked her up at the end of the week. She was a rescue. The woman's very elderly parents had got the dogs over a year earlier & couldn't take care of them. They were going to be put down. My dog's brother also was adopted by someone else. She is a purebread & a sweetheart & we got her for free!
I went to school to pick my daughter up that day with our new dog & all the kids in the school went nuts over our pooch. She is so loved, especially by my daugher who adores her. She has a very happy home now.
Also, my daughter wants me to add how she takes the dog on her swingset & swings with her all the time. The pup curls up in her lap while my daughter swings with her & will stay there for hours if my daughter will swing that long! I never saw anything like this before!

KarenK said...

I did a test because my post didn't go through for some reason and now I have to put it all in again - ugh!

All the kids in my house have 4 legs. We live with a 10 lb. rat terrier, Nikki, who is the happiest little dog. She’s a real couch potato until she hears the crinkle of plastic – food! She has us spoiled as she doesn’t bark, keeps herself very clean, especially her long bony toes and she is a real people person. Our other fur kid is a dilute calico that we rescued from a fairly busy road in the rain. She’s definitely my cat and only like my husband when he’s making her breakfast every morning. She tells me everything and complains when I make noise loading the dishwasher. With me she is a real love bug. Unfortunately our third kid, Rambo, an almost 19 year old cat, became quite ill a couple of weeks ago and we had to make that awful decision. Even when it is the best thing to do it is so very hard. He was found near a dumpster at a shopping mall and he fit in the palm of my hand and still had blue eyes. From the very first day he was NEVER afraid of anything. He would sleep like a baby in my late mom’s arms, but when he wanted to wash himself she’d make him get down. I think this convinced him that bathing could wait because he like to sleep in mom’s arms. He was never a tidy cat and I think it was the “training” mom gave him. I still expect to see him push his way into the bathroom where he would close the door so Joy couldn’t come in. Of course, he would trap himself in there on occasion so when we would be gone for the day we’d have to leave something in front of the door so he’d stay free. We will be missing him for a long time. Thank God for these furry four-legged creatures in our lives. What a blessing they are.

Danielle said...

We had a wonderful cat named Fudge. He was part ragdoll and weighed 30+ pounds. Definitely a big boy. He also thought he was a dog, but that is a story for another day.

One day while I was working in my little studio, and my husband was having a bubble bath (yes, real men DO take bubble baths), we heard a strange noise. We both thought the other was doing something... and asked in unison "what are you doing?" Again in unison we replied "nothing". My husband leaned our of the tub and then said "oh - Fudge caught a bat". Now you must keep in mind that we lived in a third floor apartment in a city setting, but yup he had definitely caught a bat! In my usual gentille manner I FREAKED out. Screeching like a mad woman. Fudge picked up on the subtlety of my reaction and released the bat. I was wearing a skirt and was convinced the bat was going to fly up - well you know...

Fudge, my best friend and companion, is in kitty heaven now, but we still talk about his antics and miss him more than I can express.

I am screaming, Fudge is watching with great interest, and my husband comes lumbering out of the tub, covered in bubbles with a towel in his hand. He covers the bat, who is in shock (probably from my reaction) and takes it to the balcony and releases it. You would think this is the end of the story right? Wrong.

Next night we were watching television, hubby lying on the couch, me sitting on the carpet by his feet. I had covered my lap with an afghan and we were just chillin'. Suddenly Fudge trots over and dropped something into my lap. I thanked him very much.

Of course hubby asked "so what did he bring you now?" I replied "a potato".

Fudge had figured out that his meat offering was not pleasing and had brought me a full sized potato from the pantry. Now to get it, he had to get onto the shelf, grab the potato and then get it to me. I still don't know how he did it.

The funniest thing was hubby's reaction. He says incredulously - "the cat does something normal and you freak out, but he brings you a potato and you think it's normal????????" I don't know which one of you is weirder.

Lori said...

Our current big boy is such a sweet and smart cat. He is almost two and is HUGE - he doesn't weigh a lot for his size, but he is the biggest cat I have seen in a long time. But the best part about this guy? His intuitiveness and intelligence.

He loves to go outside, so he will sit and paw at the door like a dog to be let out. When he wants back in, he sits outside and stares at us until we notice him. (He rarely "speaks".)

He also knows that our 6yo feels a little left out sometimes as a boy after 2 girls, so he hangs out with him, follows him around, and sleeps in his room most nights. He has adopted him as his brother and they are buds.

Pretty sure he is the best cat I've ever had, and I've had a LOT!

bonnie32002 said...

I am pet-less at this current point in time. I am however a kitty lover.

A dear friend of mine lost her 14 year old kitty last week and I created a keepsake card to mail off to her.

I am her kitty-sitter and I will miss her kitty too.

Ann said...

Hi! Several years ago we had 12 cats..females had litters at same time! One litter,the mommy was so tired that our dog Oswald bit the sacs and licked the kittens to stimulate and clean! He laid in the "Mommy box" with our cat Katherine Sue and her kittens!! He was so sad when they left for new homes! We are now down to 2 cats and 3 dogs.

Jthrly said...

So glad to read all the stories of your pets. Currently we have 2 black cats and a short fat dog who share the house. Smut is my cat and stays by my chair or bed at night. Sometimes he gets to be a pest but I love him. Inky is the other black cat and he is completely different from Smut. He loves you when HE wants to and is very jealous and will slap Smut if he thinks he is getting too much attention. Sugar Bear or Rd as she is sometimes called came to us because her owners got her for their daughter and then did not get her fixed. They leave her out and alone and she would dig out and go find someone to stay with.During one of these times, she got with a male doge and they were going to send her to the pound.Of course, we could not let that happen so we took her, had her to the vet to be spayed as she had just gotten with the male dog and we have had her since then or about 10 years now. She is a very good dog and loves the cats and any baby cats we have kept to help a local rescue group. We also buy at least 6 21 lb bags of Memow Mix each month to help them out as I can no longer take in the actual cats and kittens because of my health. It is sure good to see so many people who care for the animals.

Danka Doo said...

My husband and I are not cat people, well, we used to not be cat people. Mainly because of really difficult allergies. We live in the country on 5.5 acres and our neighbors are also on 5.5 acres. When there cat had kittens, our 7 yo DS would play with them but especially one very soft pale peach colored kitten. One Monday evening when my DH and DS pulled down our long drive, they saw something on our porch. That tiny kitten walked across two pastures to our house, presumably on her own. Needless to say, we fell in love. "Jasmin" is the most loving and sweet cat and she adores our DS. Every morning she runs right beside him to the car and every evening she runs out to meet us at the walk when we come home. She even goes on walks with us and our dog in the neighbor.

Anonymous said...

When I met my husband, he had a cranky Siamese named Sassy. As soon as I saw that cat, I knew I was on the right track. (Animals always know who the good guys are!) Since our marriage in 1989, we have made a good home for a series of rescue kitties, though never more than three at a time so we can give them our full attention. We totally cater to their every need! I recently made a book devoted to our newest little sweetie, Taz, and posted the link above. She is the light of our lives! I can't even imagine a world without our furry friends.

davesangel said...

I just have to share our story of our stray cat that chose us to come live with. First off she thinks she is a dog. We don't have a litter box for her because when she wants to go out she just stares at you and then looks at the door. You let her out and she does her business sits on the wall and looks in the window to come back in. She does not go on any furniture, counters or the table. She is amazing. She is my husbands best friend. I just wish I could pet her but I am allergic. her name is Jitters and we just love her so much.

Theresa said...

Well what can I say about my Sonja. Sonja was a German Shepard I got from Leader dogs for the blind. She was and will always be...beautiful, smart, caring, my protector, my best listener, the best snuggler, the sweetest puppy eyes, my best friend, my oldest child, one of my biggest loves. She passed away 1yr ago this Easter. I miss her all the time and know she will never be replaced I love her with all my heart and feel so greatful that God had given her to me. I have her collar hanging on my rearview mirror and just writting this is making my heart ache. I love her to the moon and back and feel a great loss now that we are apart. I never thought a dog could mean so much to me but she did! I now have 2 German shepards....what can I say she left a HUGE void, I am not trying to replace her just make the house not feel so empty and give other rescues a loving home. She would now have a very large brother named Cezar who isnt the smartest shepard you will ever meet but her sure is a loving pup. She would also have a little girl named Shadow after her because I always called Sonja my shadow. She looks alot like her mom and I am glad I have them even though I miss my girl very bad.

Bunnyfreak said...

I have two feather babies. My budgie is a true gift from God. We found her in our garden on Maundy Thursday one year. When we went to get her she got spooked and flew to a tree where the neighbor's cat tried to get her. It was dark and all of a sudden the cat runs down the tree and a blur goes by. We look for the budgie careful so the cat won't follow. I have just about given up and turn on the back light for a last look when I see her clinging to out screen door. I grab a plastic tub and a towel. My husband uses the towel to grab her and she bites on to his hand and doesn't let go until we get her in the tub with the towel over her. By the next day I am hoping we can't find her owners because I want to keep her. We never did and she has owned us for 5+ years.

ShersL84bed said...

We have 4 dogs, love them all. 2 pomeranians, a pom/lhasa apso mix and a boxer/pitbull mix. Everyone of them has their own unique personality. The pit/boxer is the lover of the bunch, she loves everyone. The pom/lhasa mix is the Grump of the bunch, he growls at everything. The boy pom is the one that likes to play the most, if there is a toy around he has it. The little girl pom is the one with attitude, you can't dress her up or she won't move. She is a little snuggler too, she is always by my side. In their photo above I shared a layout of the little poms eating their very own steaks.
Smiles sher

Lynn Stevens said...

Years ago when my hubby and I were first married we had a Brittney, her name was Thumper. Our son was just a baby maybe two months old. It was winter and we were living in a moblie home. We had a wood stove and had a self cleaner that we could crank up and down to clean the pipe. My hubby had done so before we went to bed, he didn't realize at the time he hadn't gotten it pushed back up into the top and it was blocking the pipe, We were sound asleep when Thummper kept pulling at my sleeve,she just wouldn't let up. It took me awhile to wake up. but when I did noticed the entire place was filled with smoke. I woke my hubby and grabbed the baby and headed outside in the cold winter air until hubby was able to fix the pipe and air out the house. If it wasn't for Thumper we all would have died that night. She was the best dog ever!