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Friday, August 26, 2016

Painted Fall Luminary Project

Ready for a fun fall project?  This luminary will brighten up your autumn home!

Supplies Needed:
  • Round Glass Vase (mine came from Dollar Tree)
  • ModPodge
  • Orange and Yellow Acrylic Paint (I used Americana brand)
  • Permanent Vinyl Decal (use an electronic cutting machine or purchase a decal)
  • Transfer Tape
  • Burlap & Organza Ribbon
  • Misc--Rubbing Alcohol, Paper Towels, Hot Glue Gun, Disposable Containers, Foam Paint Brush, Old Credit or Gift Card, Raffia, Scissors, Votive Candle.


1.  Wipe the outside of the vase with rubbing alcohol using a paper towel. Make sure that you do not touch the outer surface of the glass (where you will be placing the decal).  To hold the luminary, put your hand inside.

2.  Place the piece of transfer tape over your decal.  Rub the plastic card firmly over the top (tape).   Pull away the paper backing from the decal and press the decal on the luminary where you wish. 
 (These are permanent decals and once they are down, they are down.  It may be easier to do the design in pieces).  Use the plastic card to gently rub over the vinyl to remove any bubbles and firmly secure the decal to the glass.  
3.  Hot glue the burlap to the glass.  Usually just a small amount at the back where the burlap overlaps is enough.  The colored ribbon will be tied over the burlap.  You can add a length of raffia to the knot if you wish.
4.  Wipe the inside of the vase with the alcohol.
5.  In disposable containers, mix the paint with the ModPodge, each color in its own container.  Ratio should be about 2:1 of ModPodge to paint. Using light strokes, paint the inside of the vasae.  There will be some brush strokes seen but overall, you should have the glass covered.  It will be sheer.  On my sample, I used orange on the bottom and yellow at the top.
 6.  Let the luminary dry over night, then add a votive candle and enjoy!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Upcycled Picture Frame

I found another ugly picture that was surrounded by a beautiful frame.  I dismantled it, even taking a hammer to the linen insert.  What was left was a beautiful thin GOLD frame.  
Next I spray painted it black.  
Over that, I dry brushed white chalk paint, just hitting the top of the details.  
Finally I stapled chicken wire to the other side and added a black ribbon to hang it. 
A beautiful place to hang pictures of my favorite bulldog!  Actually, this piece sold at my last show.  You can bet I'm on the hunt for other ugly pictures in beautiful frames!  I may have more at my next show...
Details on Facebook

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Upcycled Menu Board and a FREE SVG file

I was given two old cabinet doors that had glass inserts.  So of course I used chalkboard paint to turn the glass into a blackboard!  I used red chalk paint on the wood frame and added an old Scrabble tile holder to store the chalk. 
Next I needed to decorate the chalkboard.  So I found the "Menu" graphic over at The Graphics Fairy and made an SVG from it.  Next I wanted some garlands and wording, so I created those too  Everything was cut from matte white permanent vinyl.and applied to the chalkboard portion.
I decided I liked the "Bon Appetit" and garland portions and thought they'd look great as a stand alone sign. Haven't gotten to that yet but decided it's been forever since I gave away a free SVG, so here it is.  Grab it now as I'm not sure how long it will be available.  
Get the file for FREE (limited time) HERE
If you like the Menu board, one is still available and I'll have it at my next show...
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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Little Drawer Redux

I picked up a sweet little drawer at a garage sale.  I washed it up, it fell apart.  So after gluing it back together, I decided to make a French box out of it!  First I painted it with one coat of chalk paint (Americana Decor Refreshing).  Next I transferred portions of a image from The Graphics Fairy
I distressed all of the edges and painted the brass knob black.  Finally I added feet to the box using wooden spools which were painted and distressed to match the box.  I added foam padding to cover the spool holes and protect the surface I placed the box on. 
You'll find this box and lots of other great items at my next show:
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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Poppies on Glass

A friend gave me a barn wood framed print of a windmill recently.  She knew I'd like the frame and upcycle it.  So I dismantled the picture, threw away the cheap print and set aside the glass, figuring I paint something on canvas and use the frame with it.  But I kept looking at the glass, which was non-glare.  I wondered how chalk paint would cover that surface, which is not as slick as regular glass.   
So that's what I did.  I painted the background for this piece using blue and beige chalk paint (Americana Decor) and then used my acrylics over it for the details.  The chalk paint worked wonderfully and it made a very durable base over the glass. 
The poppies design was inspired by Sharon Cook's piece in the August issue of Painting World, which is a fantastic new magazine for all you painters out there. 
This piece sold at last weekend's event but I'm sure I"ll be upcycling more old framed pictures using chalk paints!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Taking my Show on the Road!

Hope to see my Michigan friends in Bay City this weekend!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Barn Wood Bonanza

I have quite a stash of barn wood and I finally put some paint on a few pieces!
This wood is very rough so detail painting is not an option.   I used chalk paint so I that I didn't need to first seal the wood.  And I definitely used old brushes!  
These three signs are my own designs.  I think I love the barn wood look! 

All of them will be for sale this weekend in Bay City, Michigan.
Hope to see you at....
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