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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Now Taking Reservations For A Great Little D & B

.As in "Dead & Breakfast"!  
Aren't these signs wicked cool?  I hand painted them using a design from My Vinyl Designer.  The extra shading and distressing gives them an authentically worn look.  Now, if you don't have an electronic cutter there is still a way to use these designs.  Every file also contains a JPG image that you could print out, create a pattern from it and paint.  The design copyright includes selling finished work from it.  So if you are a painter, there are lots of other sources you may not have thought of for designs to paint.  Just gotta think outside of the box!
These signs will be available this weekend (plus lots of other great hand painted items) at the Folk Art & Craft Show in Saginaw Michigan.  Hope to see you there!

Details can be found HERE

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Painted Vintage Window

Here's an original sunflower design I painted on a vintage window.  
Plain windows can often be found at your local Re-Store or vintage markets.  You will need to use acrylic paint made for glass or add a medium to the paint so that it will adhere properly.  I've found that it also helps to make sure your base coat is completely dry (over night) before going on to shading and highlighting.  You can hang a piece like this on the wall like any other painting or add eye hooks to the sash and hang in a window.  I've also taken windows and leaned them on my fireplace mantle.  So many ways to decorate with them!

This piece sold last weekend but you can see lots of other great hand painted items at my next show is in Saginaw Michigan
Details can be found HERE

Monday, September 26, 2016

Silly Jack Teapots

These teapots were magically transformed into sweet smiling Jack O'Lanterns.  A perfect addition to your fall kitchen!  They are my interpretation of Martha Smalley's design. 
My next show is in Saginaw Michigan
Details can be found HERE

Friday, September 23, 2016

Trays, Trays, and More Trays!

Once again I did up a batch of chalk painted and image transferred vintage style trays.  The graphic images came from The Graphics Fairy.  I use the poly transfer method, of which you can also find the details on that site.
As always, I shade with acrylic paint around the images to make them "pop". 
After shading, I fly speck to "age them even more". 
  Finally, I seal them with poly to protect them.  These trays are for decoration only.

 This tray was an old silver platter that got new life after being painted with chalk paint.
The first coat was black and then white was painted over it.  As you can see, I lightly painted on the decorative rim and handles to make the design pop.
I'll be taking most of these trays (and lots more) to The Vintage Market in southern Michigan.  
See me outside in Booth #230!  

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Painted Halloween Decor

I had this large round metal tray in my stash.  I spray painted it black and then waited to see what design caught my eye to put on it.  I found the perfect one in the August edition of Painting World Magazine.  This is a new publication and as a painter, I'm thrilled that not only do we have a painting magazine back (previous titles stopped publishing a few years back), but that it's such a quality publication.  I highly recommend it!  
Anyway, this is my interpretation of the design by Chris Haughey.   
Here's another metal piece that was primed with black spray paint but was waiting for the idea to finish it.  I just worked up my own design of a simple spider web and silly spider.
I'll be taking these pieces (and lots more) to The Vintage Market in southern Michigan.  
See me outside in Booth #230!  

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Halloween Scene Lunchbox

I picked up a battered black metal lunch box at a garage sale this summer,  I thought it would make a great "scene" piece.  After some inspiration from designers Monika Brint and Kim Christmas, I came up with this spooky scene! 
I first primed the lunchbox with metal primer.  Next came a coat of black chalk paint.  Then I just used regular acrylic paints.  A good coat of polyacrylic varnish after it was complete. 
The box was missing it's handle so I used wire to create a new one.  I finished the handle off with some black raffia and a ribbon.
I'll be taking this lunchbox (and lots more) to The Vintage Market in southern Michigan.  
See me outside in Booth #230!  

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