Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Beautiful Day in the North

Hope everyone is have a fantastic Saturday.  Here in northern Michigan our temps are in the mid 70s and the sun is shining.  A great day to get outside (with the laptop) and breath in the wonderful pine aroma.  Thought you might enjoy some pics I just took of a few flowers that are blooming in my garden.
The picture above is of a trillium.  Right now the woods are filled with these beautiful white flowers. 
Whoo Hoo, this blog hit 300 followers today!  Thank you ALL for your support and kind comments.  As promised I have a giveaway for my loyal followers.  It will be up tomorrow so be sure to pop back over.  There will be a few extra goodies thrown in too!  Enjoy your day and we'll see you tomorrow!


thekolbes said...

Awesome pics. Congrats on 300 followers

Melissa said...

Love the trilliums! A true sign of spring in Northern Michigan!! Congrats on hitting 300 followers Cindy!