Sunday, June 5, 2011

Relay For Life and a PSA about sunscreen!

A picture of the Luminaria bags in front of our team camp last night.  Beautiful!
Apparently, according to my team members, my slate went for "big bucks".  Of course no one could remember exactly how much and I missed that part of the auction, so I can't tell you.  But the day was a great success...beautiful weather, lots of teams and just a great all around feeling of love and hope.
Only one thing bothered me....I saw a LOT of sunburned people by the time dusk rolled around!  Unbelievable, since skin cancer is one of the things we walk to fight at the Relay!  As a melanoma survivor this really bugs me.  Please, if you are out in the sun...for ANY length of time...put on sunscreen.   They make nongreasy and spray on easy to apply that there is no excuse for not using them.  
Many people have had or know of people with less serious skin cancers.  They may think "oh, that's easy to just have it removed".  Please don't be cavalier about this!  If you get melanoma, it  can be much more dangerous (if it is not found early, melanoma can grow deeper into the skin and spread to other parts of the body. This spread is called metastasis and is very difficult to treat).  Melanoma causes the majority of deaths related to skin cancer and the diagnosis of melanoma is more frequent in women (usually occurs on the lower legs).  And PLEASE, do not use a tanning bed!  Recent studies show that people who begin using tanning devices before age 30 are 75% more likely to develop melanoma.
Okay, enough of the public service announcement.  Be smart about the sun so that you can be creative for a long, long time!


Paper Squirrel said...

Here, here!
I know so many women who use tanning beds...unbelievable. It's okay to be pale! Embrace the pale, people! Back in the old days, pale skin was a sign of royalty or were rich and didn't need to labor in the hot sun all day. :-)
Seriously, the self tanners are really good nowadays. And don't think that just because you tan instead of burn that you are less susceptable.
The seriously pale Paper Squirrel!

Zoey and the furballs (the Zoo Crew) said...

Excellent PSA. Yesterday we tried the spray on sunscreen for the first time. It was amazing. So easy to put on. We were out on boat for nearly 10 hours. A douse of that before we left and a re-apply here or there and we were protected all day (okay except for the one spot that we missed in the morning). If those companies were smart, they'd make some formula that goes on with a color so that you can see where you've sprayed or smeared it on and then have the color disappear. I'm just saying that I'm forever getting one little spot where I missed and that would be soooo helpful.

Gerri Herbst said...

You are a wonderful spokes person...You should write to relay for life to supply (get a company sponsor to donate) sunscreeen for all therir races. Such a noble cause! take care, thanks for visiting me. gerri

Cindy-Up In Northern Michigan said...

Gerri: That's the worst part! The local hospital had a team and they had a whole table full of sunscreen for people to use for FREE!

Danka Doo said...

First, it is wonderful that you as a survivor share this important PSA and I am so glad you were cured. We recently lost a friend to Melanoma and as you stated, it spread agressively. Along with your wonderful message, I would add for everyone to see a good dermatologist to have a complete and thorough exam. Love your picture of the luminaries.