Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Crazy eBay Bidders

One of my Yahoo groups just posted a link to an eBay listing for Sure Cuts A Lot 2. 
Believe it or not, it sold for $573.99 with 41 bids!  Unbelievable!! 
See it HERE.
Just goes to show you  SCAL is such a great program 
people are willling to spend almost 10 times more than it's value to acquire it!
But I'm going to give you, my blog buddies, a buying tip and save you up to $294!!!
You can buy a brand new SCAL compatible cutter
 and SCAL3 for much less than this!
I just went over to Craft Edge (maker of SCAL) ,
and they are offering these packages:
eCraft Electronic Cutter and SCAL3.......$279.99
Pazzles Electronic Cutter and SCAL3.....$424.99
Check it them out HERE.
And with all the money you've saved,
you can pick up a few of my SVG sets I offer for sale!  <G>


Paper Squirrel said...

Wow! Guess those folks got carried away with the thrill of the 'auction'!!

Great tip on just buying a new cutter and SCAL 3!!!

Vader said...

Another tip - switch to Make the Cut (recently offered for only $58). WAIT - I know you say it isn't compatible anymore BUT unlike SCAL, the driver that makes it compatible with our favorite cutter is available. As much as I love my SCAL 2 (thankfully purchased at original price), I got paranoid that something would happen and I couldn't use it. When I learned that I could easily make MTC compatible, the switch was on