Monday, December 5, 2011

Domino Ornament #5: Old Fashion Santa

Day Five of the "12 Domino Ornaments of Christmas" and I need to apologize for the glare on the top picture.  I actually donated this ornament to an auction before I realized I didn't have a good shot of the complete piece.
On this domino I put the image on correctly (with two hangers at the top) and prefer it this way.  I did use a new Santa stamp (although from the same set) so I made this piece 6 tiles instead of 4 to accomodate it.
Very simple with the places lightened, just used the background as is.
Gives the piece a great vintage look.
I used round and bugle beads in bronze.

If you missed the basic tutorial on creating these ornaments, click HERE.

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michele hileman said...

totally awesome

love them