Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kilt Pin With Charms

About a year ago I bought a big batch of charms.  I knew I wanted to make something for my Mom (she's a quilter/sewer) so I made sure to get the cute little thimble, sewing machine, thread spool and scissors that actually open and close!  I got the brass (gold color) charms and socked them away.

Then I noticed you could get the cute little kilt pins people were adding charms to and calling them "Tschotske Pins" online.  Very cool but kept forgetting to order them!  Well, it wasn't until I spotted these pins at Hobby Lobby that I decided the time was right to make the piece for my Mom.  So I bought the silver pins home and went to find the charms.  DOH!  I forgot I bought bright "gold" charms and the pin was silver.  Back to HL. gold kilt pins. 
So I bought a set of bronze colored pins and broke out the alcohol inks!  I dabbed Copper Mixative, Gold Mixative and Pitch Black on the charms and the pin to pull it all together color wise.  I added some beads and it was done. 
A very vintage-y looking pin that she can wear or display.

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Paper Squirrel said...

Very cool. You've got to love the alcohol inks!! Mom will love this.