Saturday, August 24, 2013

Scrapbook Layout: Barbados

Here's something different for me...a two page layout with just ONE photo in it.  Definitely not my style but I had to do it because on this trip, I didn't have a lot of photos.  You ask why?  If you saw yesterdays layout you probably got a clue....  Yes, my camera was dropped into the ocean on the first shore excursion of our 10 day cruise.  I knew that I could get a good deal on a new one in St. Thomas, but that was almost the end of our trip!  So, I made do with video camera stills (not very good) and a disposable camera (good if you don't put your thumb over the lens).  
Again I used the Tim Coffey paper/embellishments and cut the title using SCAL and my electronic cutter.  Brought back the washi tape for this layout too.  Loved the coordinating velum frame.
Here's one thing I did to made do with hardly any pictures and a whole scrapbook to fill up.  I found a large art print of a turtle just like the ones I swam with in Barbados. 
I cut the paper to pull the fronds over the picture and tucked in a fish embellishment.
Continued the velum theme by typing my journaling on velum paper.

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