Friday, February 28, 2014

LWD Design Team Showcase: Spellbinders Media Mixage Bezels, Bezel Dies and Ice Resin

Welcome to another Design Team Showcase prepared for Lone Wolf Designs.  
Today I'm presenting bezels I created using Media Mixage products from Spellbinders and Ice Resin.  I'll admit, I was a bit intimidated by the thought of using Ice Resin.  It had been sitting untouched in the studio for a while as I researched techniques online.  I didn't believe that using it could be as simple as the directions on the package state.  I was pleasantly surprised about how easy Ice Resin really is to use!  And when you use the Spellbinders Media Mixage dies and bezels, it's even easier to get a beautiful result!  
So keep scrolling and I'll show you how I made my bezels. 
 The first thing I did was take the three bezel dies and create a template of the bezel openings.  I placed the template over various papers and collage sheets to find a look that pleased me.  I decided to use the two smaller bezels horizontally on bracelets...saving the larger bezel for a future horizontal pendant.
I used an oval of decorative paper (K&Company "Jubilee") for the top bezel and one of the images from the Piddix Collage Sheet (Flora & Fauna) that I had left over from my previous Showcase.  The dies cut the paper perfectly.  And I've used them for other projects, not just filling the bezels.
In the larger of the two bezels I added some words (Cosmo Cricket "Tiny Text") and a gem to the paper.  I left the smaller bezel's paper undecorated.  Next I used the Ice Resin Paper Sealer to keep the images colorfast.  Just brush on the sealer.  When you use a nonstick craft mat the job is clean and easy!  In my online research, some people have used packing tape or Mod Podge to seal their images.  I did not try these methods so I can't recommend them.  If you don't seal your image it will become transparent...not the look I wanted for these particular pieces. I gave each diecut three coats each on the top and bottom.  Once they were totally dry, I made sure that they fit back into the bezels.  I did have to trim the smaller diecut a bit as some of the sealer flowed off the edge.
Since Ice Resin forms a natural dome, you want to make sure the surface you let it set up on is level.  Luckily one of my counter tops was level.  If your surface is not level, you can use shims to make it so.
The moment of truth...mixing the Ice Resin!  For beginners, I think that the plunger product is the only way to go.  No worries about measuring the two ingredients properly.  Simply cut the tops from each tube and evenly plunge the liquids into a mixing cup.  (I guessed how much product I would need and had just enough to fill both bezels.  I did have a mold on standby just in case I mixed too much as I didn't want to waste any resin)  Using a craft stick, I gently mixed the Ice Resin for two minutes and then let it rest for five minutes.
I carefully poured and then dripped the Ice Resin into the bezels.  I got down to eye level to make sure I had enough of a dome (without spilling over).
There were a few bubbles still in the mix so I took my heat gun and gave it a quick go over...bubbles disappeared!  Now came the hard part--waiting  6 to 12 hours for the resin to fully dry!
Success...even though there were a few surprises (which I'll go over below), I was pleased with how my first attempt at resin turned out.  I was really impressed with how hard, clear and smooth the piece came out.  I attached beads to the bezel and happily wore my new bracelet to work on Monday. 
Here are my tips on using Ice Resin.  There is TONS of info and videos on the web...I spent a lot of time reviewing these and getting many more definitely more resin pieces to come!  
Beginner Ice Resin Tips:
  • Proper mixing is SUPER important.  In a second batch, one of the syringes didn't dispense equally and the resulting pour was off a bit...making the finished piece tacky.  I found out that this problem is easily fixable by sponging on a thin coat of resin.  I figured out that the reason for the mis-measure was temperature.  It was chilly in the studio and that makes the liquid run slow.  I set the product near the heat source for about an hour and the resin flowed much better.
  • Discovered that if you do get a bubble at the surface after curing, you can sand the resin and add another coat over it.
  • Discovered that the paper floated in the resin causing one side to lift up from the bezel.  Not perfect but still looks okay.  Before pouring another piece, I used the paper sealer as a glue to hold the paper to the bezel and I had no issues with lifting.
  • Something funky happened to my gem (just diagonal from the "art" word).  After the resin cured, it looked like the gem had dissolved.  After online research, another blogger stated that she thought the resin refracted the light differently making the gem facet disappear.  Not sure about that, as it sure looks like a flat piece of silver to me (which I am fine with).
I hoped you enjoyed this Ice Resin & Spellbinders Media Mixage Showcase!  You can find most of  the products I used plus many more for your crafting projects at 25% Off MSRP at Lone Wolf Designs, LLC.  All you have to do is join the LWD Discount Retail Sales Facebook group.  If you haven't joined us yet, you're paying too much for your craft supplies!
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Anonymous said...

Love your bracelet, so gorgeous.
I have a weakness for bracelets, lol.

Thanks for joining us at Rhedd & Rosie Challenge Blog.

Moira DT. xx

Lone Wolf Designs said...

Thank you for another awesome DT project! Love that you did a jewelry piece. These bezels look fun to work with!

Zoe said...

What gorgeous jewellery,, I love it, thank you for sharing with us at Rhedd and Rosie's, good luck, Zoe DT xx

Tami Spencer said...

Great job Cindy! Awesome post!

DeAnna Goen said...

Thanks for sharing how easy it is to use the ICE Resin...I've been nervous to try it. :) LOVE your jewelry piece.