Tuesday, May 20, 2014

LWD Tuesday Tool Review: Ranger - Tim Holtz - Distress Marker Spritzer Tool

Welcome to another Tuesday Tool Review!  Today I'm featuring a brand new product, the Tim Holtz Distress Marker Spritzer Tool.  And yes, it works well with Distress Markers, but it also works great with other types of markers as well, as shown in my sample tags above.
Starting from the left, the first tag was done with blue and yellow Distress Markers.  Once I got the marker in the holder properly (see more on that below), I spritzed the background and then used a fine stencil to add a blue pattern on top.  As you can see, My background spritzes were a little blotchy.  I was too close to the tag while spritzing.  The tool did a fine job getting into all the small stencil openings.
I had the same blotchy problem with the background of the next tag which I chalk up to learning to use the tool properly.  On this tag I used American Crafts Metallic Markers and they also worked great, giving the tag a lovely sheen..  I used a wider zig zag border and again was very pleased with the results. 
Next I brought out my Stampin' Up markers and created the middle right tag.  This time I had gotten the hang of keeping the spritzer tool the right distance from the tag.  I used a heart overlay and was able to add more ink right where I wanted it.
Finally on the last tag I brought out the Sharpie markers and really liked the intense color I was able to achieve.  I did get a little heavy handed in places (see close up below) but over all was very pleased with how it turned out.  I'm thinking that this would be fun to try out either on white ceramic, to be baked on permanently, or on fabric.  An upcoming project for sure!
Here are some tips for using the Distress Marker Tool direct from Tim himself:
  • You can use any marker with a felt tip.
  • Marker must sit on flat area of spritzer.  Tip of marker must go past the air hole.
  • Aim the spritzer (not the marker) where you want the ink to go.
  • Use quick bursts of air.  Closer=more intense.  Farther=lighter speckles.

To see Tim using the tool, check out his Video.

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DeAnna Goen said...

What a neat tool...another thing to add to my list!