Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Glass Paint Review and Projects

One of the projects I was anxious to get to on vacation was trying out the new glass paint I recently purchased.  In the past I've used the Plaid Folk Art Enamels.  I have the complete set (purchased at a painting convention years ago), so even though I wasn't always happy with their consistency or coverage I hated to buy other kinds since I had all of these.  However now they are getting old and dried up so I was very interested in the Martha Stewart Crafts line of glass paint, also by Plaid.  I saw a beautiful project by Debra Mills in the June 2014 issue of PaintWorks magazine that used just two of them--Frost and Pearl so it was a great way to experiment.  
Here are just some of the glass projects I easily created using these paints.  I have to say that I love the applicator tip bottle which makes it so easy to do line work.  The paint is a nice consistency and covered well...both when sponged on and applied.  Now I just have to try some of the colored paint!
The glasses shown at the top would be a lovely set for a bridal party.  
They have such a lovely lace look.
You can purchase them HERE
 On this large plate I painted on the back side so that all of the plate could be used with food.
Fancy martini glasses...I added a design on the foot of the glass too. 
You can purchase them HERE.
 A covered apocrathy jar.  I'm going to display this with a battery tea light in it.
I have lots of these vases in the stash.  What a great wedding or shower centerpiece this would be.

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mamablitger said...

Oh gosh... These examples are just gorgeous. Very pretty and looking like lace !! LOVE what you made !!
Thank you for sharing and inspire other to try this !!
Hugs from SPAIN