Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cookies For Santa Plate

For this vinyl project I used an 8-inch clear glass plate.  I applied the vinyl to the back side so that the plate would be usable and food safe.  To put a design on the back side and have it look correct, there are a few steps to take.
First off, reverse (or mirror) your image.  I use SCAL and reversing an image is as simple as one click on the "Flip Horizontal" button.  Make sure that your design is "Grouped" before you flip it.  The wording and stars were one layer and applied as usual.  However the center portion had three layers and had to be "built" in reverse, meaning that the white highlights, cuff and pom pom had to be placed first.  
Since I wouldn't be able to "eyeball" where the other layers would go on, I created little "registration marks" to get perfect placement.  The pictures below illustrate the layering steps.

 As you can see, everything lined up perfectly.
Want to make your own?  You can purchase the file HERE

This file can be sized to fit any plate or charger you choose to use.

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Krista's Paper Cafe said...

Good work. I appreciate the step by step reminder for layering vinyl.