Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sit A Spell Chair

I love taking old chairs and turning them into fun and unique decorating accents.  Almost like magic, this chair, which was once boring and plain, will become center stage in someone's Halloween decorating! 
I created the typography and design for the top of the chair.  Orange accents were painted on the spindles and legs. 
The pumpkin painting is my interpretation of a design by Trudy Beard. 
He may say "SPOOKY", but to me he looks like a softy at heart! 
I'll be taking this chair (and lots more) to The Vintage Market in southern Michigan.  
See me outside in Booth #230!  

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phyllisspawdesigns said...
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phyllisspawdesigns said...

Love the Halloween chair!!!! Good luck at your show!

Sue J said...

Beautiful work. I made a 'sit for a spell' chair, too but it looks fairly plain against this beauty! Stunning!

JamesWilliam said...

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