Monday, January 31, 2011

Technique: Inking With a Mask

This technique is so easy and really adds 
a little "something extra" to your project.  

First you need a "mask", preferably cut out of acetate.  You could cut it out of card stock but you'll only be able to use it once.  With an acetate mask, just wipe off the ink and reuse.  And since the acetate is clear, you can see exactly how the colors look while inking.

 Apply repositionable stencil adhesive to the back of the mask and let dry as directed on the bottle.

Place your mask onto your surface and make sure it's pressed flat and adhering well.  Using your favorite Distress Inks, blend over the mask.  

 Once the ink is dry, remove the mask and finish your piece as desired.  

Tip:  On the sample shown at the top, I stamped the music notes while the mask was on and the bird was stamped after I took the mask off.  Adds interest to mix it up a bit.
Painters:  This is a great way to make stencils for wording or backgrounds!
You can purchase this SVG file HERE.


Kaye said...

Cindy...thanks for this file. Going to use for Love Note valentine postcard. I live in Michigan too! Get food and supplies in for Tuesday night and Wednesday. We're going to get hit with lots of snow!

Anonymous said...

What a pretty pretty tag!!!!

Linda said...

Thanks for the heart file. This is so pretty, love your colors