How I Apply Vinyl to Chargers

Here's how I cut and applied vinyl using my SVG charger files:
First I arranged each word of the design on the mat to conserve as much vinyl as possible.  I don't recommend breaking elements down any want to keep the curve and spacing of each letter. I cut the vinyl using a higher than normal blade and pressure.  Then I weeded and cut out each word, leaving the vinyl attached to the backing paper.
Next I arranged the words on the charger, placing them where they would eventually be attached.
For the words on this charger I used painters tape as my transfer tape.  I made sure to "unstick" it by pressing it on my clothes a few times.  Place the tape over the top of your letters and lightly press down.  For the larger design, a larger square of "unstuck" clear contact paper works great.
Then I turned the taped letters over and peeled off the backing paper.  
I pressed the taped letters on the plate in position and carefully pulled off the painters tape.
Finally I carefully burnished the letters to make sure that they were stuck fast.
As I attached each word, I double checked to make sure that the spacing was similar.  I'm not so precise that I used a ruler, just eyeballed it.

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