Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Technique: Embellishments with Dimensional Magic

Here's another tag I did using
the Mask/Ink Technique shown
in a post below. 
This time I took a paint brush
with a little water and blurred the
edges of the mask. 
Be sure to stamp using a
waterproof ink when doing this.

Today's technique is making the "Life" bottlecap embellishment on the tag using Mod Podge Dimensional Magic.  I stumbled upon this product at Hobby Lobby while searching for something to finish off some simple jewelry pieces I was making for Christmas.  It's easy to use, dries in three hours and can be cleaned up with soap and water.  And so much safer to use than some of the resin products.  One thing to keep in mind when using this product...Don't shake the bottle and squeeze carefully when applying.  You DO NOT want to get bubbles because they are hard to remove. 


1.  Using a 1-inch circle paper punch, punch out your design.  I stamped the "Life" on regular cardstock with waterproof ink.  You could also use pre-printed artwork or stickers.

 2.  Punch out three 1-inch cardboard circles.  I used cereal boxes.  Glue the three cardboard circles together and then glue your design to the top of those.  Glue the entire stack in the bottlecap.  I used regular paper glue to make the stack and hot glue to adhere the stack to the bottlecap.  You could use more or less cardboard, depending on how deep you want your design in the bottlecap.

3.  Carefully squeeze the Dimensional Magic into the bottle cap.  I filled it to the top as shown to the right.  After it dries, there may be a "sink hole" in the middle.  Just fill again to the top and let dry.

As I mentioned, it is very difficult to get any bubbles out so do all you can to not have any there in the first place.  I found that if you do get bubbles, take a Q-tip or your finger and drag the bubble off to the side.  You can't pop them with a pin or burst them by blowing on them.

Here are some things I've used Dimensional Magic on.  The first piece I did was the upper right pendant.  It filled in the pendant frame really nicely.  I also created some plain circle embellishments.  Dimensional Magic also makes a nice finish on domino pendants (A project for making these coming soon!).


Unknown said...

Wow I love this.. thanks for sharing..

Susan said...

Cindy, I love this idea!!! Thank you for sharing. I have some dog tags to do for my daughter and was wondering how you did the edges on the dominoes. I haven't attempted to make them because I was unsure of the resin products, this modgepodge looks like what I need to use. Thank you