Friday, February 11, 2011

Thrift Store Score

Just have to share my awesome finds from a stop at a thrift store I found.  I've got lots of ideas on how to use them in my artwork...just need to find the time!   Of course, they'll probably end up stashed in the giant closet like the rest of the stuff I collect!  But when you find the goodies, you gotta grab 'em.  So here's what I got and what I paid for them:

A BINGO set in perfect condition for 80 cents.  I'll be using the cards and the number chips in papercrafting and multimedia projects.  Plus there is a whole box of blank chips  that could be make into charms or embellishments!

Not sure what you would call this thing...but I'm going to use it for holding all the tags I've been making.  It has a nice and heavy bottom and while  it's not old, it looks vintage.  Got this beauty for 30 cents.

Two small paper mache round boxes for 10 cents each.  Have some ideas for a multimedia piece.  We'll see what they become someday.

A brayer for 50 cents!  Can never have too many of these.
A few flower stems for another 10 cents. Again, can't have too many flower embellishments to choose from!
A french floral bucket.  Not keen on the sticker...will fix that with a complete redo with either paint or paper.  Why not, it was just 50 cents?
Finally, a packet of 12 little flamingo charms for just 10 cents. 
All together with tax I spent a whopping $2.65!  And I got to thinking that despite what hubby might think, this isn't "junk" it's "JUNQUE"...which is much classier!  So I decided that that huge --ahem---JUNQUE closet needed a sophisticated sign letting everyone know that there are valuable treasures inside.  You'll find the free SVG file in the post below.  If you don't have a closet, this design could be cut out of vinyl and applied to the things you store your "Junque" in. 


Jeanette said...

Hi Cindy, You really did great with your Thrift shop finds. They are one of my favorite places to shop. Your closet sounds just like mine.

I saw your challenge posted at Outlaw Women and had to come see.


Girlsinthecraft said...

Whoo hoo! Love it.

xashee's corner said...

i think the second item pictured is a card holder for a table centerpiece type thing. you got GREAT deals! we go to the swapmeet and if you stop by my blog you can see all the crazy things we find. it's so much fun! again, thanx for sharing! :)