Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pet Week! Scrapbook Layouts

I'll be sharing some scrapbook pages with you today.  Be sure to scroll down to the following posts as I have 3 Free SVG files for you to use in your own pet scrapbooks.  You'll find pet bowls for a dog and a cat, a "Dog" heading and a cute little tiger cat face.  As always, I'd LOVE to see what you create with them.  Please send a picture or a link!
I did this page for Millie.  We live on a lake and my hubby rarely gets a chance to fish it.  One time Millie was with him when he landed one and she was totally fascinated by it.  She stood and watched it swim away and then later she was a bad girl!  She went down to the lake herself (which she NEVER does) and was standing on the shore still looking for it!
I turned the "F" into the handle of the fishing pole, which is a dowel with eye hooks added.  Then I ran thread down to the hook I made out of chipboard.  I cut the "o" in "Dog" (which was imprinted on the paper) to put the hook in it.
Louie will do anything for a biscuit and over the years I've dressed him up in many costumes.  He's won a few prizes for it too!  The pictures in the layout above were taken downstate when we had a beautiful yard with actual grass and flowers.  These pics of the "Bully Bee" are some of my favorites.  This is a very simple layout.  I punched out the flowers in pinks to match the photos and then used eyelets as the centers and to hold them on the page.  The ovals were cut with Coluzzles, which I don't think they make anymore.  Too bad, I love that tool for cutting pics!
I shared the picture of Louie in the lifejacket yesterday.  He LOVES to swim.  And as bullies can't swim unassisted (they sink due to their large chest and heads) we simply took a child's lifejacket and turned it backwards.  Works like a charm and much cheaper than a doggie lifejacket.  The bones were cut out with my sister's Cricut (before I had mine) and I didn't like the fact that they were so long!  Another reason why SCAL is so can get exactly what you want.  I stamped the heading and the little bulldog in the center is a stamp. 

Do you have a scrapbook layout of YOUR pet?  We want to see it!  
Do you have a funny or heart touching story about your pet?  We want to read it!
Please go to this POST for all the details and a chance to win a couple of prizes.

And don't forget to go to the next post for your SVG files!


Sue in CT said...

I don't know what to say about these LOs as they are both fantastic. I love how you did the fishing pole off of the "F". It is really fantastic. Oh and you busy little bee. All I can do is think of that email that goes around "Why Dogs Bite" and you see all these dogs dressed up in costumes. LOL Those pictures you have are priceless. Look at the eyes, don't they speak they're saying "you really expect me to fly, don't you?" LMAO

Sue in CT said...

I hit post too quick....sorry. Love the swimming one too. I was fascinated by that. I mean I have seen it on tv but never really knew if it was for real or they just coaxed the dog into the water. I would have thought they wouldn't like water since they can't swim. Does Louie swim off by himself and goes over his head where he can't feel the bottom? Or does he only paddle around where you are? I think it is really something that he loves to swim. Oh....great LO BTW....LOL.

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Melissa said...

Great LO's Cindy!

ShersL84bed said...

oh my gosh, love all these layouts you have been posting Cindy. I wish my smallest dog would let me dress her up, but she pouts when I do.

Smiles Sher