Sunday, March 13, 2011

Snowy Sunday

We've had a very strange winter up here in northern Michigan (lower peninsula).  Our annual snowfall is down considerably.  Last month we were dying for snow but it all fell down state.  So the snowfall we've gotten this week seems "too little, too late" for the snowmobilers in the family.  For me, this means a great Sunday spent in my studio.  I have some things that I will finish up and share with you later.  Hope everyone is able to get creative today!

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Melissa said...

Hi Cindy! I'm not sure if I've asked you this before, but everytime I come to your site I wonder where in Northern Michigan you are! Now today you put lower peninsula so I'm really wondering! I am originally from Kalkaska and we still have a lot of family up that way. My parents live at Lakes of the North just south of Gaylord. I am now down in the Metro Detroit area and we have had a bad winter in comparison to other years. I'm so ready for spring!!!


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