Saturday, April 9, 2011

Creative Chaos 2011

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I cleaned the studio for my annual "Creative Chaos" Girls Weekend.  So today I thought I'd expand on that and tell you about "Creative Chaos" in case you'd like to plan a similar event.  It really is a great time with your girlfriends!

A little history.  My family has always been creative...we all have our own talents so when hubby and I built our vacation home, I thought it would be fun to get away with my two sisters and my niece for a crafty weekend.   We each planned a little project that we would teach to the others.  At that time I was only painting so I did a little Uncle Sam project.  One sister taught us beaded bracelets, the other a paper and modpodged frame.  My niece (who was 7) had us drawing unique pictures.  We had a great time.  The picture below was our first "group" photo, taken in 2002.
Then a few years later when we moved up north permanently and I had a studio,
I invited everyone up to work on a special scrapbook for my Dad's 70th birthday. 
That led to an annual event. 
I basically turn my home into a Scrapbooking Bed & Breakfast for a long weekend (Fri-Sat-Sun). I discovered that a maximum of seven people was the right amount of people, not only fit into the studio but also to sleep comfortably.  I have all the meals planned and cooked for my guests.  They bring up their scrapping gear, a dessert or snack to share and anything special they want to drink.  As for meals, I make it simple.  Friday night my hubby brings home pizza (yes, he stays with us girls...he won't leave the house as there is so many goodies to eat!).  For Saturday I make up a breakfast casserole and serve salads and "make your own" deli sandwiches for lunch.  Dinner is usually lasagna, but this year I branched out and made chili up in the crockpot.  That was even easier!  Sunday breakfast & lunch are repeats from Saturday. 
I also make up "goodie" bags for my guests.  This year I used PENNY DUNCAN'S gift bag skirt file.  (Aren't they awesome?  Penny has such wonderful things she shares.)  I try to make each bag reflect the recipient.  Here are some of them:
All year I will collect different items to put into them.  This year the bag contained a cocoa spiral chipboard album, a metallic marker, a MM Pebble Clip and a special fabric ornament.   I stamped "Friends Forever" (7 Gypsies) on matching paper and slid it into the ornament frame.  Then on the back I wrote "Girls Weekend 2011".
I also have contests and prizes.  I try to vary the contests each year so that my guests never know what's coming.  One year I had a card challenge.  Everyone received a paper bag with the same elements and they had a 1/2 hour to make a card from them.  Prizes have also been given out for getting the most pages done, getting the least pages done, etc.  Sometimes I'll just have them draw numbers.  And when you are a winner you get to wear the Scrapping Queen Crown! 
Here's my sister Vic.  Last year she won for least amount of pages in a day.  But they were spectacular!
My friend Connie wore the crown this year because she drew the right number!
This is a picture from two years ago.  Now you know why I call it "Creative Chaos"!
The 2008 group.  Notice that we DO NOT dress up or wear makeup or do our hair when it is Girls Weekend!
I sometimes also plan other activities.  In 2007 we had a Friday night "Purse Party".  Most years I will also bring in a professional for full body massages.  Unfortunately this year my gal was on vacation!  But when she does come, she sets up in the family room next to the studio.  I block it off with screens and dim the lights.  She gives us a super rate and each of us can get a full hour of massage on Saturday.
This year karma just wasn't with me.  First I set the date thinking my youngest (and super creative) sister could make it.  Nope, she works for a major furniture manufacturer and the Highpoint Market conflicted so she couldn't come.  Then two days before, my BFF Sue fell down her stairs and ended up in the hospital!  A sister-in-law was coming until HER work schedule forced her to cancel.  My niece, who is a junior in HS had a sports conflict.  YIKES.  So we were down to just four of us.  Lots of room to spread out but I missed all that extra creative power being in the room!  We still had a really great time though.  I think it's just as much fun to laugh and gab and gossip as it is to create.  And we all learn from each other.  This year Connie and Cindy went "Stickle Crazy"!
Below are the rest of the pics from this year.
Sister Jen working away.
SIL Cindy learned all about Stickles that weekend!  And she produced a TON of pages.  Over achiever!  lol
And here's me.  Notice I'm just goofing off...looking at an album and drinking wine out of a teeny, tiny bottle?  Don't worry, I DID get to work and actually completed an album that weekend.


TothePointe said...

Reading this made me already excited for next year :-) That weekend is a highlight for me. Great creative environment, fun conversation, always a new tip or product to learn about (love those Stickles!), and all-in-all a perfect blend of productive, relaxing, and fun :-)

Paper Squirrel said...

I am SO BUMMED that I missed this year...I'll have to send you the next few years of High Point Market dates so we don't have any more scheduling conflicts! Looks like you girls had fun though (although, it didn't look very "chaotic" must need me there to mess up the place!).
On a side note, you are dead to me now that you've posted our make-up-less, sweatpant-wearing mugs all over your blog! Hmmm, but you seem to look just fabulous...demon!

Zoey and the furballs said...

What a great event! I'm sure everyone has a great time and looks forward to it every year.

Gerri Herbst said...

Looks like everybody had a great time!Its great to create with friends.take care, gerri

bcriminger said...

So much fun!! I wanna join in :)

jengd said...

Sounds FABULOUS! So jealous! :) I'm running a bit late but trying to finish popping through the Getting Cricky hop.