Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pet Week! And Even More Layouts!

Day 6
Pet Week has been a huge success.  Thanks to all of you for having fun with me. 
It has been bittersweet here at home.  While we were thrilled to celebrate Louie's 12th birthday, he has been to the vet three times this week.  While his heart is failing, I have hope that the medication he's on will buy us a little more time together. 
I mentioned in a previous post that all my dogs have their own scrapbook.  In Millie's book, she has a page dedicated to "My Brudder".  Millie can be a stinker when it comes to Louie.  She basically gives him the cold shoulder.  She will not play with him.  He will get down in the "play bow" and bark at her and she'll ignore Louie....until I get on the floor to play with him.  THEN she want to play!  And if he's chewing a bone and turns away, she'll steal it right from under his nose. 

In Louie's book, his page to "My Sister" shows that he doesn't mind sharing with Millie.  She takes his bed and he'll squeeze in.  He shares toys and food with her.  If she's laying in front of the fire, he'll sneak in next to her.  The only time he gets mad at her is if I'm petting him and she tries to wiggle in. 
Scroll down to the posts below.  There is a SVG of a Lab and a German Shepherd.
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Do you have a scrapbook layout of YOUR pet? 
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Sue in CT said...

Hey! How'd I miss this layout section? These are so cute. You pick the perfect paper and embellishments when you do your LOs. Of course they are a perfect pair and so I guess that makes it easier to photograph them. They are so cute sitting in that wagon. You really have a pair of wonderful furbabies. I enjoy seeing them.