Thursday, March 8, 2012

Finished! Tim Holtz's "12 Tags of Christmas" Tag #12

It took almost three months but I can finally display this button proudly!
Yes, I actually FINISHED all 12 of the 2011 Christmas Tags and I learned something wonderful on each and every one.  Now I can move on to the "12 Tags of 2012" that Tim started last month.  It will be a little easier to catch up as there is just one tag a month, instead of a tag a day!
Here's a look at the final tag:
I had mentioned that my sister gave me some of Tim's tissue paper.  It was the one with the wording, not the music notes so I did the base of the card backwards:  I stamped on the music and used the word tissue paper over it! 
To make the paper flower, I also improvised.  I do not have a Tiny Attacher so instead I used the craft pick to poke a hole in the center of the tissue paper stack and inserted a brad to hold the folds.  I also snipped into the "v"s to make the flower have longer, more wispy petals.
I got out my aluminum duct tape (love that stuff!) and stuck it on cardstock.  The lettering cut beautifully on the Cricut!  Will definitely be using this technique again.  I also used my new Vintaj punch to put the hole in the snowflake. 
The foil trim was cut on the Cricut, again using aluminum duct tape attached to cardstock.  I used regular punches to get the clean holes.
Here they are in all their splendor!  I have this string running across my studio window and had clipped each tag up as I went along.  I think I will put them on a wreath for this Christmas.  Until then, I'm going to admire and enjoy them!  lol


Unknown said...

great job! Congrats for getting them all done!

Manu said...

Great!!! Good job!!

Paper Squirrel said...

Congratulations! That really is quite the accomplishment...whew.

Thanks for the tip on cutting the foil tape with the Cricut. I'm going to have to try that!

Chris aka Scrappylassie said...

You must be so very proud of yourself!!!
Love this tag -all is calm. Colors are so peaceful and you worked it to make it your own. Great idea to stamp music on tissue! All of your tags are pretty.
And you finished:)

Marjie Kemper said...

Congratulations ~ what an accomplishment! Love your display.

Anonymous said...

congrats to you! That's quite the accomplishment.And, they look so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations - that is quite an accomplishment! I have loved all the tags, but this one probably most... It shows a great use of so many different products!