Thursday, March 22, 2012


I spotted this almost two years ago on a visit to Sam's Club.  It was very inexpensive...under $30 and is so sturdy, I have plastic drawers (full of clear stamps) stacked up on top of it.  I labeled (by color) each of the ten drawers to hold my 12 x 12 papers.  Currently I have solids and patterns mixed up but after searching for a picture of this online, I discovered that Sam's still carries it!  I'm going to order another one so I can be even more organized.  I like that I can pull out a drawer and put it on my work table to look through.  The drawers are very roomy...I have quite a bit of paper and they are no where near being filled.

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Tina Campbell said...

Oh I have one of these, I use mine to hold punches and the drawers for Your story items, bind it all items and other items. I agree this is a supply you got to have and very inexpensive.