Friday, April 27, 2012

Whoo Hoo!! 400 + Followers

Over 400 followers! 
Who would have thunk it when I put together this blog not even a year and a half ago. 
So "THANK YOU" dear followers for joining me on my creative journey.
I've had a lot of fun creating for it and sharing with you all.  It's all been good!
But a great blog gives it's readers what they want to see.  And that is what I'm striving for.
So I want to know what YOU would like to see on this Blog going forward.
Do you want more projects?  Less card samples?  Particular SVG files?  Whatever your thoughts are, positive or negative, I want to hear them.  Please leave a comment with any suggestions, thoughts or ideas for the Blog.
And to reward your participation, I'll choose one commenter on Monday to receive a little prize package.


anotherid4me said...

can never be too many projects &/or card samples & demonstrations. So add any of those you have a chance to do :-)

Paper Squirrel said...

I love all your stuff and 400 followers is a great testament that you have a GREAT blog! Congrats!

Glennis F said...

I think your blog is great - I love reading it

Alicia B said...

Love it just as you have it- Keep up the great work! *Hugs*

Tina Campbell said...

Congrats to you, what a milestone!