Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cool Stuff Part 1

As a dedicated shopper I always love to SHARE with my fellow crafters some of the cool stuff I find.  Recently I shopped an awesome Tent Sale at my favorite local craft shop:  Arnie's Arts & Crafts in Houghton Lake Michigan.  I found this great wooden case from Prismacolor Premier.

 The size of a briefcase, this cool container also includes 72 Prismacolor pencils.  (If you don't have good colored pencils, this is a great set as it includes a selection of all the colors you need to get started)  I had 1/2 of the colors already so what sold me on the set was the case  (besides you can always use extra colored pencils!).  I really like how the case opens and the plastic trays that hold the pencils!
The tray's cantilever hinge allows easy access to every pencil in the case and has extra wells in the front to hold erasers and other accessories.  Previously I had my pencils in two zip up cases but the pencils were hard to get in and out.  With this case I can see all the colors at a glance.  I put them in the trays by color family in numerical order.  Pretty cool! 
NOTE:  I found this online from DICK BLICK clearance priced at $76.99, 
$3 less than what I paid locally.


Kymmaree said...

Why are we limited to two trays? That's a great case, but I want one with at least 4 trays as I have odds and ends and other sets that I would like to keep together.... I wish someone would make one to fit all my wishes!
Kym said...

I agree...four trays would be wonderful! If you find one Kym, please share!