Monday, August 20, 2012

Cool Stuff #5

I admit it, I basically live and breathe creating.  And when you're hooked on creating multimedia pieces, you are ALWAYS looking at how things could be incorporated into your artwork.  So it didn't take much imagination when I spotted these shaped coasters while on a mini vacation on Mackinac Island in June.  The first one I scored was the ribbon shaped coaster after a delicious dinner at the Woods Restaurant.  I thought it would be great as an embellishment on a scrapbook page (I used another coaster on last years MI layout--which I'll share soon).   Then the next day we stopped at The Gate House for lunch and drinks, and I really got excited.   Oval coasters at the bar!!  I've altered square and round coasters but  I'd never seen oval coasters before!  (Maybe because I don't get out much?!)  I nabbed everyone's oval coasters before a drop of drinks hit them.  And no, I felt no shame for doing that either.  Hey...I'm an artist!!

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Paper Squirrel said...

LOL! I do the same thing...shoot, I stuffed a paper doily from my dessert plate into my purse not 6 months ago. Creative eyes always see the potential of an object (and these have great potential)!!