Friday, October 12, 2012

"Bee Merry" Painted Pot

Did you know that October is International Decorative Painting Month?   As a long time member of THE SOCIETY OF DECORATIVE PAINTERS I thought I would take a few blog days this month and feature some of my painted items.  I'll also share some tips and tricks I've learned over 25 years of being a painter.  I've noticed that many paper and multi-media artists are also decorative painters.  And more and more paper crafters are discovering how to incorporate painting techniques into their work.  
Here's a little peat pot I recently taught to a group of ladies.
Tip:  An inexpensive peat pot is a great painting surface.  They have a nice texture to them and accept the paint nicely.  It was easy to punch holes in the rim to add a handle--just use an awl.  One thing I recommend is to either paint or varnish the inside of the pot to add a little more stability and keep the handle from pulling out.  Paint up a bunch of these and use them for shower favors!

3-inch Peat Pot
Pattern:  Pam Grady Create & Decorate Ornaments Winter 2006
Americana and Delta Acrylic Paints
Delta Varnish
Paint Brushes
Rusty Wire, Fabric Scrap, Pips, Green Excelsior

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Paper Squirrel said...

Super cute! I love peat pots...they make great surfaces and are so inexpensive.