Sunday, October 28, 2012

Faux Painting & More Furniture

I've faux finished many of the rooms in my home.  It's actually very easy to do and it looks fabulous.  The hardest part is usually the prep...taping off areas.  Here are some pics of a few of my faux finished rooms...
This is a faux finished wall in my master bath's tub alcove.  The side walls are plain green paint and this wall, which faces the door, has the faux on it.  I'ts based in the same color as the other walls.  Then using a darker shade of the base color mixed with faux glaze, I "slip slapped" it over the base and lightly blotted with cotton rags.  Oh and the painting in the center?  An original woodsy scene I painted in acrylic on an old cabinet door.
This is my great room done in the same method as the bath but with two accenting faux colors--one slightly darker and one lighter than the base coat.  Yep...I like green!  Probably because the house is situated in the woods!!
The pictures above and below are done using what I call the "grocery bag" method.  In the top photo of my laundry room, I based the wall beige.  Below the wallpaper border, I added the faux finish using a slightly darker beige that I mixed with faux glaze.  I brushed it on and then using plastic grocery bags, lifted it off...leaving a nice "leather" look finish.  The room below was done the same way except I put the faux finish on the entire wall.   By the way, I painted the two top fish (darker) lure pictures.
Now I'm going to show you the hardest faux finish I've done.  The reason it was so hard was that I had to be precise with my taping and I was up and down the ladder so many times I almost wore it out!  It's the striped finish in a guest room...
It's a very subtle look and it takes just the right lighting to be able to catch it on film.  You can see it best by the door.  To do this finish, I painted the room and then when it was dry, I measured and taped the stripes all around the room.  A large level comes in very handy for this!  Once it was taped, I painted every other stripe with a satin poly...just enough shine to give a hint of the striping.  Since the lighting was good to take the picture of the wall, I thought I'd show the painted furniture in this room that I mentioned in a previous post.
The dresser above was one we used down state and once we moved north, I painted it to match the bedroom and replace a smaller one we were using in that room.
I also painted the original handles to match the design.  
Here's a close up of the top which has a crackle finish.
A garage sale find painted similar to the dresser above but the rose design is different.  In this bedroom I have also painted the headboard and a nightstand in the same rose pattern.


Glennis F said...

Wow - your talent with painting is just amazing

bonnie32002 said...

I have tried painting but I haven't got the knack; but boy you've sure got it!

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