Friday, October 26, 2012

Painting on Metal

I dug out some old photos from my craft show days so I can show you some of the metal pieces I used to paint to sell.  I would find old metal pieces at garage sales and thrift stores and paint them.  I've done tons of them....from florals to Christmas.  Since it's fall, I thought I'd start with the two pieces above.  The top picture is an old cake cover.  This one had a wooden acorn handle and a matching metal plate.  The oval platter had a nice insert area to paint.  To prep these, I would line them up in the alley and spray on a gray metal primer.  Once they were dry, I added them to my stash.  By the way....I still have a huge stash of metal pieces waiting to be painted!
Here's another cake carrier and matching tray.  I remember that that round tray was very heavy!  These and the pieces below are all shapes and sizes but by painting them alike, they look great together.
This teapot was another really heavy piece...which made it a pain to haul back and forth to craft shows!  Would have made a great doorstop...
Here's a matching coffee pot (sorry about the ink smudges).  The tea and coffee pots could not be used to make beverages in once upcycled, but they made nice places to hide the grocery money!
The teapot above was lacking it's cover but it made a great place for a plant.  The little trays were turned into plaques.
Interested in painting on metal?  Any piece in good shape will work.  Lightly sand and wipe with a water/vinegar mix.  Next prime the metal using your favorite primer (I use either spray on auto primer or JoSonja's Multipurpose Sealer).  If spraying, put on several light coats.  Once your primer has cured you can paint away using good quality acrylic paint.  Seal your piece with a good quality varnish.  Any upcycled piece  should not come in contact with food.  Hand wash only.
TIP:  You can use painted metal to serve food if you use a clear plate over a platter or tray.  Or if it's a container, keep the inside free from paint and use it as intended.


Anonymous said...

What gorgeous pieces!!!! Whoever was lucky enough to buy those years ago were so blessed!!! They are so pretty and a wonderful accent to a kitchen!!!

Paper Squirrel said...

Your painted metal pieces have always been some of my favorites. I remember hauling most of these in and out of the craft shows!