Friday, April 12, 2013

Painted Slates

More of the bridal shower I'm showing off a couple of painted slates.  Years ago I came into a large stash of old slate roof tiles.  I LOVE painting on them...they are perfect for outdoors.  I have a slate cutter and cut them to the size and shape I want to work with.  I then use a drill press with a special bit to put in the hanging holes.
The "Welcome" sign is an adaption of a pattern by Patricia Rawlinson (Paintworks August 2012).  This is a very loose style...perfect for quick painting!  And with a design such as this, it's very easy to freehand, which also saves time.  If you'd like to see more of Patricia's patterns, check out her website HERE.

The other slate project I painted took a bit longer.  I cut the slate in this arched shape and painted the same design on both sides.  It's an adaption of a pattern by Liz Miller (Quick & Easy Painting August 2010).  Check out Liz's website HERE.
I drilled holes along the bottom and strung chimes.
Both slate pieces were sealed multiple times with an exterior varnish.  The slates I have in my own flower gardens have held up very well.  Every few years I'll put an extra coat of varnish on them.  

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Paper Squirrel said...

Gorgeous! The guests have no idea what wonderful prizes are in store for them!