Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Painted Battenburg Lace Hanger

Finding a few other things I need to share.  This is the final painted item that I made for a bridal shower prize.  It was hand painted it on a wooden hanger using Johanne Marcotte's design (found in The Decorative Painter Issue No. 1 2007).  Special thanks to Cindi Estes for sending me the paint color I needed to create it!  Just goes to show you that artists/crafters truly are the best and most generous of people! 
I actually painted two hangers at the same time.  The second one was donated to the Relay For Life auction earlier in June.  I like to paint duplicate items since I have to wait for the paint to dry in one step before I can move on to the next.  This way I'm not just sitting there doing nothing!

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