Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Quick and Easy Snowman Ornament

Looking for a quick to paint (perfect for beginners) ornament? Follow the step-by-step directions below and make one or a bunch of these frosty friends.
Supplies You'll Need:  
  • 1.5" (Nickel) wooden disc(s)
  • Pack of 10 snowflake ornaments from Dollar Tree
  • Blue/Gray, White, Black, Pink and Orange acrylic paint
  • Scruffy, liner and regular brushes
  • Varnish
  • Glossy Accents (or other strong glue) 
  • Stylus (optional)

1.  Paint both sides and edge of the discs using the regular brush and blue/gray paint.  
I used Americana Light French Blue.
 2.  Using white (Americana Snow White), lightly pounce on the top of the disc with a scruffy brush (which is just an old, well used brush--never throw one out!).  Don't add too much white.  Make sure that you still see some of the blue/gray showing through.
3.  Once paint is dry, use your regular brush to float white on the top half of the disc and blue/gray on the bottom curve.  This will add dimension to the head.  Sorry that the photo is a blurry.
 4.  Wet the area where you want to place your cheeks.  Then pick up a tad of the pink paint (I used Gooseberry Pink) and lightly pat on in a circular motion.  Once dry, use the liner to add the nose (Georgia Clay).  Use a stylus and black (Lamp Black) to add the mouth and eyes.  Add the white eye highlights once the black is dry.  If you don't have a stylus, use a toothpick, wooden skewer or the back of your paintbrush.
5.  Varnish the edge and front of your disc.  I used Decoart Star Lite Top Coat to add a subtle glimmer.  Once dry, apply Glossy Accents to the center and spokes of the ornament and place on top of the disc to dry.
Hang and enjoy your ornament!
Some of the supplies I used can be found here:

View blog post for supplies

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mamablitger said...

Oh dear.. Your snowflake ornaments are fabulous. Love the snowman you added. Great idea !! Thanks for sharing this great idea.
Hugs from Monica... Spain