Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Paper Mache Deer Ornaments

Scroll down and I'll show you how you can create an ornament like this!
You've seen them in the craft store...those cute animal paper mache ornaments that are so inexpensive.  But what's the easiest way to make them look like something from a designer boutique?  Tissue paper and Mod Podge!  Here's how you can make your own... 
The tissue paper I chose had white background and silver and silver/red printing.  So I undercoated my paper mache deer with silver acrylic paint.  You'll notice that I removed the gold hanging cords.  I later replaced them with silver.
Next I tore the tissue paper into small pieces and in a random order, Mod Podged them to the deer's body.  I did not cover the antlers as I wanted them to be silver.  Be sure to use plenty of MP and press the tissue paper down firmly...but don't tear it!  Let it dry completely.
The final step is the most fun...decorating!  I used florals, beads, pearls ribbon and a snowflake button on the deer shown above.  Notice his pearl nose?  I also added a coat of silver Stickles to the antlers.  The deer shown at the top of the page also sports a green wreath and tinsel.
For this deer, I used paper that had red printing on it...adding a pop of color.  You'll notice that I added a red bead for this nose and coordinating accents.  I also smeared some of the silver Stickles over his body to see how I like the look.  I did!  Hope you have fun making some of your own.  Most supplies listed below.

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mamablitger said...

Oh these ate so cute. Great idea and very decorative result. Thanks for sharing this inspiration.
Hugs from Monica.. Spain