Friday, January 16, 2015

Special Order Vinyl Drinkware

Showcasing some more of the special items I created for customers and for my own gifts for the holidays. I made the mug above for a relative who took her concealed weapons permit class.
I gave my own mother-in-law this mug.  You can get one in red or blue for $15 at MillieMoo Art.
These were done on special ordered wine mates.  You can get something similar at MillieMoo Art.
These "I Like it Dirty" martini glasses were very popular.  I hand painted the checks on the bottom of the glasses.  Get a set for yourself for $15 at MillieMoo Art.
This special glitzy tumbler was created for a cancer survivor.  Pretty sassy!
I made four of these and added little bags of candy or nuts to them and gave them out as gifts.

As always, if you'd like me to create something special for you, just send me an email:

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