Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Child's Time Out Chair & Brush Care Tips

Back to more painting!  I've been busy trying to pull inventory together for craft shows that I've signed up for.  Here's a cute little chair I recently finished.
Painting as a hobby seems to be on an upswing as the "Sip and Paint" events have become really popular.  What a great night out with friends and a great way to discover if you're a secret painter!
For those who do paint, here's some great brush care tips from Sharon Teal Coray:
With acrylics you need to rinse the paint out of a brush when you are finished using it, it does not matter if your going to use it again in a few minutes, that paint starts drying immediately so rinse each brush out thoroughly before picking up a new brush!
NEVER rub them against and surface that is hard, this will wear them out faster than you can say “Ruined Brush!” Treat them delicately because they are delicate.
NEVER stand them in matter how long, in just a few minutes the as the water is sucked up into the ferrule causing the handle to crack or the ferrule will expand, and the brush may lose bristles. Wood swells, metals rust, glue degrades and bristles bend....there goes your investment! We want to keep the glue in the handle dry!
NEVER bang or slap your brush against the side of your water container, this just shakes the glue in the handle loose and can crack the wood handle, eventually your brush fibers may come lose.
If your painting surface is rough, do not press too hard while painting. This will cause the bristles to wear away, making them shorter.
NEVER use warm or hot water to clean your brushes. The heat causes the glue inside the ferrule (metal part holding the bristles to the handle) to weaken, causing the brush to fall apart.
The best way to store them after you clean them is to hang them upside down, NEVER let them stand in a container upright as the water will work its way down into the handle. 

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