Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Thanksgiving Projects

Today I'm showing off the Thanksgiving oriented items I've painted to sell.  Above and below are my adaptions of a design by Kelly Hoernig.  The top picture is of a metal charger plate.  To paint on that, I first used a metal sealer in the center. This allows the paint to adhere to a slick surface. 
This is a piece of old roofing slate.  I have a slate cutter that I used to cut it to size and a special drill bit to put the hole in it.  When cutting slate, I cut on the back side to create the nice bevel on the front side. 
This piece is available at my Etsy Shop
Here is a set of primitive plaques I created using an adaption of two Renee Mullins designs.   
I've seen similar candle holders on Pinterest and was on the lookout for some rounded wine glasses to make my own.  I used Americana Multi-Surface paint to do these.  It was the first time I used this paint to paint on glass and I really liked the coverage.  It cures similar to other glass paints but I can also use it on any other surface as well.  A good bang for the buck for sure!  To dress up the metal clad votives, I added green checked washi tape.  Got lots of compliments on these at the craft shows!
I painted these paper mache pumpkins with a multitude of techniques since I wasn't sure how I wanted them to turn out!  First coat was black.  Then a hit and miss coat of various shades of orange, yellow and red.  Next the two steps of fine crackle and then finally some antiquing over the crackle.  The pumpkin on the left was finished off with a distressed kraft tag and some raffia.  Pumpkin on the right had silk leaves and wire vining added around the stem.  I also painted up a little rusty sign that I hung from rusty wire around the stem.  To keep them both upright, I set them inside grapevine wreaths. 
Finally I added this sentiment (from My Vinyl Designer) in metallic vinyl to this porcelain tray.

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