Wednesday, January 20, 2016

50th Birthday Card and my "AHA" Moment!

I recently cleaned up my old computer files and discovered this 50th birthday shaped card in my SVG stash.  (Sorry I don't know who the designer is)  Perfect timing as it's my only brother's birthday today and this was the card that I sent him.  And it was while I was making this card that I had the "Aha!" moment.  Scroll down and I'll tell you what it was!
The card consisted of the base (black) and the the front (orange) layer.  The file also included individual numbers.  However, I wanted to have some of the orange layer showing around the number and there wasn't a smaller number file.  What to do?  First I cut the numbers from  the coordinating paper.  I turned the paper over and with a pencil traced around the edges about 1/8 inch from the edge.  Then I cut on the line and the numbers now were perfectly proportioned to fit as I wanted.  I added orange Stickles around the edges for some glitz. 

The card design included the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" sentiment and frankly, I was dreading gluing all those little paper letters on.  I'm not the neatest when it comes to gluing and I really didn't want to use my Xryon on all these either.  I happened to glance down at my little bag of Oracle 651 black vinyl scraps and a light bulb went off!  AHA!!  Why not cut the sentiment from the vinyl and put it on the card?!! 
 So that's what I did.  It worked perfectly as you can see! 
 Numbers were evenly spaced and were stuck nice and strong to the messy glue.  I can't believe that I've never thought of this before!  I'm sure others must do this but I've never seen or read about it being done.  I hope that this idea helps you too.  It's a great way to use up scraps and makes adding the lettering super simple.  Just be sure to apply with a well used piece of transfer tape.

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