Thursday, February 25, 2016

Polymer Clay & Resin

I discovered a few polymer clay and ice resin pieces I forgot to post, so here they are...all one-of-a-kind pieces designed and made by me.
Above is one of my favorites.  I ran the clay through a pasta machine and then cut two 1" x 2" rectangle shapes, each about 1/8" thick.  On one I embossed the clay and cut out a rectangular "window".  Then I put the two layers together and added a clay rope "frame" around the window.  Before baking I wiped on silver Pearl Ex and poked a hole into the top for the bale.  After baking, I added the umbrella girl artwork and encased it in Ice Resin.  I created the bail from silver toned wire and added the brown bead charm.  Like it?  You can purchase it HERE.
I created this piece the same way as I did the top pendant.  I used a round cutter and cut the square out using another cutter.  Book page background, sentiment and beige rhinestones are encased in Ice Resin.  This piece is also available HERE.
Finally here is a large diamond and circle shaped piece.  Similar construction as the other two pendants.  I added a wrapping of beads around the bale.
The center contains clear beads encased in Ice Resin.  I love how it looks like bubbling water.  
If you'd like to own it, get it HERE.
I used a paint brush and added a thin coat of Ice Resin to all the pieces.  This made the pieces really sturdy and give the clay a nice finish.

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