Monday, April 11, 2016

Painting A Mural--The final three panels

Last week I finished the large mural project for my church's nursery that I've been working on since January (well I did take a month off due to a trip to Israel and a week of being sick!).  You can see the post of the large wall HERE and the other of the four vignettes HERE.
The wall shown above is where the book rack is so I wanted a large expanse of sand here like I did with the changing table area in the other vignette.  I taped and painted the sand the same way as detailed in the second of the above posts.
Here is how this panel looked completed.  A close up view is shown below.

This panel goes along with the large wall mural, which is to its left.  I painted this the same a deep ocean.  In that space I painted the scuba diver and the "big bruiser" fish shown below.

Finally, I needed something in the bathroom.  So I decided to paint a porthole with a cute and spiky blow fish.  

So all the painting in this large room is now completed.  Over 92 hours were spent designing and painting the five murals.  Hopefully the two year-olds using that room love it and children will enjoy it for many, many years!


krcmasterpiece said...

You did a fantastic job! I LOVE it!

Cristin said...

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