Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Vintage Upcycled Metal Trio

These are three up-cycled metal pieces:  pitcher, tray and ice bucket.  All in my stash for at least 13 years.  What inspired me to get them out is all the chalk painting I've been doing on metal.   These were done using chalk paint from DecoArt Americana (Delicate).  I find I prefer to spray prime first and then put on the chalk paint.  Uses less of the expensive chalk paint that way.
I used my favorite poly transfer technique to add the vintage typography from The Graphics Fairy.  On all the pieces I added a lined border or borders to give them a finished look.  And on the ice bucket, I painted a decorative border around the bottom. 
Here's a closer look:
This vintage ice bucket had a removable plastic liner, which meant that it could be used safely after being up-cycled.  I painted the lid the same color and kept the handle black.  I went over the bottom border design with a light coat of paint so that it wasn't so pronounced.
The fluted tray was for decoration only.  However you could serve food from it if you used paper liners or doilies.
The metal pitcher.  I think the chalk paint gave it almost a ceramic look.  I did not put any paint on the rim/lip of the pitcher so that it could be used with beverages.  All pieces were finished with several coats of poly varnish.
These pieces were priced individually but all three were purchased at my last show by the same lady She had just redone her kitchen and thought they were perfect for it.  She planned on stowing cooking utensils in the pitcher.  

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