Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Watering Can Photo Holder Project

This is a super easy project.  So easy in fact, that I didn't bother to take step-by-step pictures!
Make one (or more) for yourself.  Here's how:
1. First thing you need are some small metal watering cans. These can be found in any craft shop.
(I got a batch of five from a garage sale for less than a buck.  They were obviously leftover shower favors as they were decorated with ribbons and tissue paper and had a little tea light inside.)
 2.  Loosely paint a light coat of white chalk paint all over the outside off the can.  Don't forget the handle!
 3.  Darken the area in the middle with another coat of white chalk paint.  Then, using black paint, add wording.  You could put anything you like there or even leave it plain. I painted the words "grow" and "bloom" on mine.
4.  Use a strong glue and attach a white clothespin to the "back" inside of the watering can.  
5.  To decorate, cut a styrofoam ball (that is just small enough to fit into your can) in half and place it inside the can.  Add your favorite florals by sticking into the styrofoam.  Finish up with some spanish moss over the styrofoam.
6.  Add your photo and enjoy!  

I'll have these for sale at the craft show I'm putting on this weekend.
If you're in northern Michigan, I hope you'll stop by!

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