Friday, June 10, 2016

Hand Painted "Wishes" Window

A very sweet friend gifted me a pair of very large windows.  I knew exactly the design I wanted to paint on one of them--this saying which I've been seeing on Pinterest.
So I got out my fonts and designed my typography. 
The frame was originally a solid dark green.  I sanded it to dull down the finish and then slapped on a coat of white chalk paint.  For the design, I reversed the letters so that I could paint on the back side.  This is a great way to protect the painting on glass.  I used black/green acrylic for the letters to match the frame, mixing it with a bit of all purpose medium to make the paint adhere better. 
Once the wording was on, I free handed the dandelions using white glass paint, also painted on the reverse side.
This window looks lovely just leaning against the wall.  But with the addition of some eye hooks, you could hang it from the wall or in a window.  I think it would look awesome hanging in a stairway!
Once again, this piece will be available for sale this weekend at 
If you're in north western Michigan, I hope you'll stop by!

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