Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tiered Tray Redux

Here's a piece that had been in my stash for literally over a decade.  It started out as a shiny metal tiered tray.  I know you've seen them, probably at grandma's house!  I had spray painted it black, intending to paint something on it--probably Christmas related--and stuck it in the "to do" box.
Last month I dug it out of that box and thought, "hey, chalk paint would look awesome on this!" I also wondered if a round transfer of some sort would work on it.  The wheels in the brain started churning and this is the result! 
After I painted it white, I took a metal tool and banged on it here and there, giving it a great chippy look.  The round border image came from my computer folder of saved digital stamps and was named "Frame 7" so I'm not sure where it came from.  If anyone recognizes it, please let me know and I'll give credit.
I love the wonderful vintage feel of the tray and it's so much more versatile now.  While it could be used to hold paper wrapped petit fours it would also be at home in a bedroom to hold jewelry or a bath holding soaps or on a hall table holding keys.  Now I need to find some more of these to transform!

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