Friday, September 30, 2016

Halloween Scrap Signs

If you've read this blog for a while, you know that I'm quite proud of how cheap thrifty I can be with my crafting and painting.  These little Halloween signs are a perfect example of that quest to produce nice things with small financial outlays! 
These signs were hand painted using pngs of SVG files I had purchased.  So right there I'm saving money by using these files for double duty! 
Also, these were all little scraps of wood that otherwise would have either been thrown away or used as kindling.  Luckily I have a dad who's a woodworker and he saves scrap pieces for me to go through when ever I visit 
Finally, I had been going through too many 2 ounce bottles of  Canyon Orange paint.  So I took a paint swatch into Home Depot and got an 8 ounce sample jar for about $3.50.  Much more economical and it all works the same!  Keep an eye out as Lowe's and ACE Hardware will run $1 sample deals every now and then.  Stock up on your favorite colors!
You'll find these little signs and so much more this weekend in Saginaw Michigan.
Details can be found HERE

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