Thursday, September 22, 2016

Painted Halloween Decor

I had this large round metal tray in my stash.  I spray painted it black and then waited to see what design caught my eye to put on it.  I found the perfect one in the August edition of Painting World Magazine.  This is a new publication and as a painter, I'm thrilled that not only do we have a painting magazine back (previous titles stopped publishing a few years back), but that it's such a quality publication.  I highly recommend it!  
Anyway, this is my interpretation of the design by Chris Haughey.   
Here's another metal piece that was primed with black spray paint but was waiting for the idea to finish it.  I just worked up my own design of a simple spider web and silly spider.
I'll be taking these pieces (and lots more) to The Vintage Market in southern Michigan.  
See me outside in Booth #230!  

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