Friday, October 7, 2016

Fancy Flourish Table

This little side table started out as nothing special.  But a few coats of chalk paint and a fancy flourish on top has given her a jazzy new life!  
The top and bottom shelf were painted in Americana Chalky Finish Primitive.  The legs and feet are Americana Chalky Finish Relic (yup, same colors I used on yesterdays canvas...I always try to paint at least two things with the same paint!) 
I created the stencil design on my electronic cutter.  And no, I didn't "wing" this like I did the canvas.  I planned it out on my computer screen!  I think my head might have exploded if I went "rogue" on two projects in the same day!  lol
I finished up the piece with Relic fly specking on table top and bottom shelf.  A good coat of wax and it's ready to go with me to the show tomorrow!  Hope to see you there...

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