Friday, October 14, 2016

Some Show Pics and Tips

I've been advertising the vintage and craft shows I've been involved in this past summer and fall at the end of these posts.  So I thought that I'd show you a few pictures of my displays.  I know many of you also do shows, and while I'm far from an expert, I think I've gotten better at staging the set ups through the years.
 One thing I always do is keep on tweaking the set up.  To make it easier and to give height to my booth, I now use vintage apple crates.  Product is stored in the crates, they stack neatly in the trailer and they make great shelves.  My in-laws used to be in the moving truck business so I was able to acquire a large stack of furniture pads.  Every piece of furniture that goes in the trailer or car is wrapped so that I have no nasty chips or scratches surprising me at a show.
I've adjusted my table coverings and booth accents.  I love the polyester fitted table cloths.  Wrinkles fall out and they wash up wonderfully.  I got mine from  Amazon.  I've added burlap pieces over the black table clothes to pull in the color of the crates.
I use a ladder to display my painted signs.
I use a small step ladder to not only help me reach tall things but as a great way to display trays!
Every show sets up a bit different and sometimes I'll use all my display pieces and sometimes just a few.  It's nice to have different options!  Next time you attend a show, check out what the vendors use as display pieces.  You might have something in your home just waiting to be used!

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