Monday, December 19, 2016

Last of the New Christmas Signs

 All good things come to an end and these are the last of the new Christmas signs I created this year. Shown above is a vintage Santa I painted  to go with the "We Believe" lettering.  I distressed the heck out of the sides on that sign!  I used SVG file typography to hand paint each of these signs, changing them up as I preferred.
The "be merry" sign needed something so I painted a red checked border all around it! 
 The curly holly design is all mine.  You'll notice that instead of distressing, I antiqued this sign.  It toned the red down nicely.
Speaking of red,I love this shade of chalk paint from Americana (Romance).  I hand painted the lettering, but I changed it from being stacked to going horizontally.  Then I gave all the white letters a black shadow.

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