Monday, December 12, 2016

Scrap Wood Ornaments

If you're a wood worker (or know someone who is), there is absolutely no piece of scrap that should be allowed to go to waste if you are a crafter.  My dad is the wood worker in our family and each time I visit, I get to head down to his shop and pick through his box of scraps.  
I never know what goodies I'll find there but I know that I can make something out of whatever I get.  Lately I've been saving small pieces to make ornaments out of.  Here's a look at what I did with them and if you want to make some of your own, these are the details:
First I painted the wood pieces in a gray the same shade as a chalkboard.
Next I painted the words on with white then 
floated white around the letters to make it look like chalk.
Finally I added greenery.  A simple wreath took the place of "O" in NOEL and JOY, while on the longer pieces, I painted either a garland or a sprig of holly.
I drilled hanging holes and used either silver cord or wire for hanging.
These were quick, easy and popular at my craft shows.
So, next time you can score some small wood pieces, don't pass them up!

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