Monday, February 20, 2017

Project: Mixed Media Collage

A mixed media collage is extremely easy and fun to create.  
For this piece, I went with a spring theme.  
You can create one of your own by following a few easy steps! 
Step One:
Find a frame.  I took an old office frame that I gave new life to by chalk painting.  Once the frame was dry, I waxed it and then distressed using brown wax.  This gave the frame a lovely vintage look. 
Step Two:
Create your background.  I used a canvas board that fit my frame.  On top of that, I used multi medium to attach a piece of sheet music.  Once everything was dry, I used Distress Ink to antique the edges. 
Step Three:
Gather all of the elements that you may want to add to your collage.  Play around with them, arranging and rearranging until you get a layout you like.  Once you do, take a quick picture of the layout so that you know how to put it all back together again!
I used Glossy Accents and hot glue to attach my elements.

--Decide on a theme and make sure your elements compliment that theme.
I knew I wanted to used the sheet music.  Once I found the heading card, a theme fell into place.
You'll notice that I pulled out many more elements than I ended up using.  While this is a really fun step, don't rush it.  You'll want to play around with several layouts until you get the best arrangement.
--Coordinate your color scheme.
I found florals to match the card and painted the eggs and number block to compliment as well.
I also added Distress Ink to all of the embellishments to further pull the elements together.
--Use a variety of textures.
The more layers and textures, the more interesting your piece will be.  Again, be sure that you follow your overall theme and color scheme when adding texture.  Shiny objects would not have looked good with my vintage/distressed collage.
--Plan placement of elements.
You'll notice that the pieces in my collage have a "Z" layout
This is to guide the eye through the piece.  Also notice that all the elements are
touching at least one other element. Don't leave an element stranded out by itself!

So, really it's not hard to create a lovely mixed media collage when you follow these basic steps.  Gather some elements and give it a try!